Mark Lee Small Talk

Making “Small Talk” With Mark S. Lee

Yesterday, our own John Reed was a guest on “Small Talk,” a CBS Detroit radio program hosted by Mark S. Lee of The Lee Group. The two discussed a range of topics, including John’s unique background and the launch of Rain BDM, the competitive challenges lawyers and law firms face, and how different marketing channels […]

Rain BDM New Year Tips

Beyond January: Sustaining Your Business Development Efforts in 2017

By this point in January, you’ve been inundated with motivational blog posts that urge you to take action to make 2017 a great year. Have they stuck with you? Probably not. That’s why this isn’t another New Year advice column. You’re in your practice for the long-haul and need to drive your business development efforts […]

Law Firm Website Video

Why Law Firms Should Transcribe Website Videos Now

If you are making good use of video on your law firm website – which you should be – but not also including transcripts, you may be missing out on a powerful way to leverage this important content. There are several reasons to transcribe website videos that more than justify the time it takes for […]