Curb Appeal: Do Your Blog Titles and Introductions Hook Your Readers?

Did you know that most people click away from a webpage in less than 15 seconds? It’s not much time to capture someone’s interest, let alone their hearts and their minds, but it’s possible. If readers aren’t drawn in, or if they aren’t convinced they’ll find the information they want, they will click the back […]


In Business Development, “Just Following Up” Is a Terrible Way to Follow Up

You’ve initiated a relationship with a prospective client, fostered a genuine interest in you and your services, and identified a problem you can help solve. But then the dialogue stalls, and re-engaging with your contact turns into a pursuit. How do you get the conversation back on track and seal the deal without screwing it […]


What’s in a Name? Complying with Michigan’s New Lawyer Advertising Rule

After a year of debate and public comment, on March 27, 2019, the Michigan Supreme Court issued an order amending MRPC 7.2, a legal ethics rule addressing lawyer advertising. The amendment did not change the rule’s existing language, but added a new provision – Paragraph D – that took effect on May 1, 2019: For […]