It Was Bound To Happen – We Finally Sent Someone Over the Edge (for charity)


Asking someone to jump off a building for a good cause is risky business – in every sense of the term… and Rain BDM did just that.

In September, we held a contest to select one “volunteer’ who would jump off the tallest building in Pontiac, Michigan, to help us celebrate the launch of Show Cause, our social outreach program. And can you believe that someone took us up on the offer?!

Mark James, a shareholder with Williams, Williams, Rattner & Plunkett, took the plunge and rappelled 15 stories to support Leader Dogs for the Blind at the 2nd Annual Double Dog Dare. The fundraiser generated more than $104,000 for Leader Dogs, thanks to people like Mark, who has a newfound appreciation window washers.

Founded in 1939, Leader Dogs for the Blind provides tools and training to reintroduce visually impaired people to a life of independence, confidence, and companionship. Besides matching people with a Leader Dog, the organization also offers cane training to help people increase their mobility. All of its services are provided at no cost, covering expenses for training, room, and board, and travel to its Rochester Hills, Michigan, campus from anywhere in North America. Rain BDM’s John Reed proudly serves on the Leader Dog board of trustees.

Speaking of being proud, we’re so proud of Mark. If you see him on the street (where he is now happy to be), congratulations and a high five are in order! He rocked it! Take a look: