Curb Appeal: Do Your Blog Titles and Introductions Hook Your Readers?

Did you know that most people click away from a webpage in less than 15 seconds? It’s not much time to capture someone’s interest, let alone their hearts and their minds, but it’s possible. If readers aren’t drawn in, or if they aren’t convinced they’ll find the information they want, they will click the back […]


Personality Goes a Long Way: Embracing Creativity in Your Legal Blog Writing

I don’t know attorney William Friedman of Alexandria, Virginia. I have no idea whether he is a nice guy, effective advocate, or pleasant colleague. But as a lawyer, a writer, and a baseball fan, I have the utmost respect for him. Because he dared to be creative, a little light-hearted, and entertaining in a recent […]


Listen to the Legal People: How Lawyers Can Write Blog Posts That Make Their Expertise Accessible

I spend a lot of time writing legal blogs and other client-facing content for lawyers and law firms. Many posts involve complex or opaque subjects and concepts, none of which lend themselves to straightforward explanations or inherently compelling narratives, but nonetheless have important implications for a firm’s clients or prospects. Such articles may not soon […]