Five Lessons the Holidays Can Teach Us About Business Development and Personal Marketing

From the time we were young, we’ve been exposed to a host of stories with lovable characters that epitomize the spirit of the holiday season. Behind the catchy jingles and clever rhymes, however, are some important messages for business development and marketing success throughout the year. Stand Out Like Rudolph – Whether it’s reindeer games or […]

Be a Dynamite Marketer By Making Your Content Go Boom!

You put together an outstanding presentation and spoke at an industry event. Or, maybe you wrote a compelling article on a current legal issue that is being published in a law journal. Congratulations! What more can you do with that material? If the story stops there and you warehouse your speech or article into a […]


For many of us, self-promotion is uncomfortable, but if you want to grow and sustain your business, personal marketing is a must. Take advantage of the dog days of summer to jumpstart your efforts – and keep them going through the rest of the year and beyond. Here are five ideas for reinvigorating your personal […]