Rain BDM New Year Tips

Beyond January: Sustaining Your Business Development Efforts in 2017

By this point in January, you’ve been inundated with motivational blog posts that urge you to take action to make 2017 a great year. Have they stuck with you? Probably not. That’s why this isn’t another New Year advice column. You’re in your practice for the long-haul and need to drive your business development efforts […]

Attorney Business Development Coach

7 Questions Lawyers Should Ask a Prospective Business Development Coach

In a previous post, we discussed how lawyers can assess whether they need to engage a business development coach , using factors such as readiness to be coached, what a successful outcome looks like, and appropriate motives for wanting to work with a coach. The next step is to find a coach suited to you and […]

Business Development Coaching for Lawyers

What Lawyers Should Ask Themselves Before Engaging a Business Development Coach

No matter the stage of a lawyer’s career, working and collaborating with a business development coach can be tremendously valuable and rewarding, both professionally and personally. Engaging a business development coach for the first time, however, is not like buying a computer or even hiring an associate. This is because, at its core, the coaching […]