Attorney Business Development Coach

7 Questions Lawyers Should Ask a Prospective Business Development Coach

In a previous post, we discussed how lawyers can assess whether they need to engage a business development coach , using factors such as readiness to be coached, what a successful outcome looks like, and appropriate motives for wanting to work with a coach. The next step is to find a coach suited to you and […]

Business Development Coaching for Lawyers

What Lawyers Should Ask Themselves Before Engaging a Business Development Coach

No matter the stage of a lawyer’s career, working and collaborating with a business development coach can be tremendously valuable and rewarding, both professionally and personally. Engaging a business development coach for the first time, however, is not like buying a computer or even hiring an associate. This is because, at its core, the coaching […]

Generational Differences in Business Development

Generational Differences and Business Development? Just Ask.

We are fed an almost constant diet of advice these days about doing business development across the generations, most of it based on anecdotes and stereotypes. Generation X, Y, and Millennials, we’re told, live on Twitter and prefer to conduct business via text — preferably while working on a laptop at a coffee shop. Baby Boomers […]