In Business Development, “Just Following Up” Is a Terrible Way to Follow Up

You’ve initiated a relationship with a prospective client, fostered a genuine interest in you and your services, and identified a problem you can help solve. But then the dialogue stalls, and re-engaging with your contact turns into a pursuit. How do you get the conversation back on track and seal the deal without screwing it […]


Let’s Talk Networking. Yes, I Know You Hate It.

Never have I seen such abject horror, palpable fear, and ashen complexions on the faces of some attorneys as I do when networking comes up. I still remember, at my very first law firm, when the managing partner – the pure definition of a rainmaker if there ever was one – stood before the firm […]

Business Development Coaching for Lawyers

Don’t Invest in a Business Development Coach If You Aren’t Coachable

If you are an attorney who’s thinking about engaging a business development coach, you certainly aren’t alone. As the market becomes more competitive, lawyers are increasingly recognizing the value of individualized training and coaching to help them excel as rainmakers, networkers, and connectors. But though your intentions may be good, your willingness to be vulnerable, […]