Business Development Coaching for Lawyers

Don’t Invest in a Business Development Coach If You Aren’t Coachable

If you are an attorney who’s thinking about engaging a business development coach, you certainly aren’t alone. As the market becomes more competitive, lawyers are increasingly recognizing the value of individualized training and coaching to help them excel as rainmakers, networkers, and connectors. But though your intentions may be good, your willingness to be vulnerable, […]

How Law Firms Can Win Business in 2017 as GC’s Push for Efficiency and Take Work In-House

Last year ended with some worrying news for law firms: The market for legal services is getting tighter, with corporate legal departments taking more work in-house and cutting back on what they send to outside GCs. According to a survey released by Liquid Litigation at the end of December, this is down to a greater […]

Rain BDM New Year Tips

Beyond January: Sustaining Your Business Development Efforts in 2017

By this point in January, you’ve been inundated with motivational blog posts that urge you to take action to make 2017 a great year. Have they stuck with you? Probably not. That’s why this isn’t another New Year advice column. You’re in your practice for the long-haul and need to drive your business development efforts […]